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Top 10 Kills[By Size] in Last 24 Hours
Shot ByAnimal
janoWhite-tailed Deer 4 feet-5.51 mm[137.218 lbs] (Boss II) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 16 hours 0 minutes ago)
apolloonusWhite-tailed Deer 4 feet-2.02 mm[136.55 lbs] (Boss II) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 4 hours 0 minutes ago)
lopoezWhite-tailed Deer 2 feet-10 inches-1 cm-9 mm[97.07 lbs] (Regular II) (Horseshoe Lake, Minnesota)(Happened 11 hours 0 minutes ago)
KurreWhite-tailed Deer 2 feet-9 inches-6.81 mm[92.934 lbs] (Regular II) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 12 hours 0 minutes ago)
sneaksBlack Duck 2 feet-5 inches-5.3 mm[1.145 lbs] (Boss I) (Spirit Lake, Iowa)(Happened 9 hours 0 minutes ago)
apolloonusWhite-tailed Deer 2 feet-4 inches-2 cm-1.05 mm[80.539 lbs] (Regular II) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 6 hours 0 minutes ago)
HarvokonWhite-tailed Deer 2 feet-3 inches-1 cm-7.53 mm[77.362 lbs] (Regular) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 17 hours 0 minutes ago)
sampey4Antelope 2 feet-2 inches-7.63 mm[39.621 lbs] (Regular II) (North Torrington, Wyoming)(Happened 1 hour 0 minutes ago)
jay.White-tailed Deer 2 feet-4.1 mm[67.501 lbs] (Regular) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 23 hours 0 minutes ago)
sampey4Antelope 1 feet-11 inches-2 cm-1.19 mm[35.909 lbs] (Regular) (North Torrington, Wyoming)(Happened 16 hours 0 minutes ago)

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